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SSL Certificates
Protecting your customers and future-proofing your website
What is an SSL certificate and why do I need one?
What is an SSL certificate?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are used to establish an encrypted connection between a user’s browser and your website. The SSL connection protects sensitive data, such as credit card information and personal details from being intercepted from non-authorised parties.

Creating a Secure Connection

SSL is the standard security technology for creating an encrypted
link between your website and your user’s browser. Invisible to the end-user, a process called the “SSL handshake” creates a secure connection between your website and a browser which is then used to encrypt all in-transit data.

Secure vs Not Secure

When a certificate to your website your url changes from http:// to https:// and a secure icon or pad lock is also added to reassure your visitors.

Why You Should Use an SSL Certificate?

Activate HTTPS and Lock Icon

Your Brand

Strengthen Brand Identity


Improve Your SEO Ranking


Increase Customer Confidence


Comply with PCI standards


Protect Your Customer's Data

Choosing the right SSL Certificate

Our SSL certificates are available as either 1 off payments for 12 or 24 month licences or can be added to your monthly package if we provide hosting for your website on our server. Prices include certificate licence and engineer installation.

Fast SSL Certificate

Cost effectively protects a single domain on its own certificate and can be set up in 24hrs.

  • Online automated validation – get your certificate quickly
  • Secures www.yourdomain.co.uk and yourdomain.co.uk
  • 2048-bit SSL Certificate
  • Trusted by all popular browsers
  • $50,000 relying party warranty
1 Month / £10
1 Year / £100
2 Years / £180
Wildcard SSL Certificate

Secure unlimited subdomains over multiple servers on a single Wildcard SSL. For example: If you own www.yourdomain.com and have several subdomains such as secure.yourdomain.com, mail.yourdomain.com, etc. you can manage them all under one Wildcard SSL.

  • Secure multiple subdomains for a specified domain
  • 2048-bit, next generation SSL
  • Trusted by 99.3% browsers
  • 128/256 bit SSL encryption.
  • $250,000 warranty
1 Month / £50
1 Year / £500
2 Years / £950

*We also offer Extended Validation, EV SSL offers the highest assurance certificate available. This certificate provides a visual trust indicator by turning the HTTPS address bar green – a feature exclusive to EV SSL that indicates that the site is verified and secure.

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